Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Well Hello There

Williamsburg, 2012

The blog posts have been scant lately, I know.

I've been busy bustling about the city. Yesterday I had a doctor's checkup and my gestational diabetes screening. Seems a little odd to purposefully mess with your glucose levels to that extent (sorry baby, blech, that drink was awful!) but hopefully I will get the all clear very soon and won't have to do any further tests.

All is well chez uterus is measuring on target for 27 weeks and the heartbeat was great. I have another ultrasound next Wednesday so we will be able to see what the little guy is up to in there then. He has been doing plenty of high kicks (or punches?) Not quite sure.

Will and I have been getting very excited for his arrival and can hardly believe that my due date is three months from today. This weekend we are celebrating with dueling baby showers. Will is having a boozy brunch out while the gals celebrate at home. Then the boys will be joining us for gifts and more merriment. When plans were first afoot, I could tell that Will wanted to be involved and I am glad he will be. After all, bambino is a joint production and we should both get to celebrate.

Will says that with each passing day he feels more and more prepared and I have to agree. I guess that's all part of the process that is pregnancy.

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