Tuesday, May 1, 2012

100 Days

Williamsburg, 2012

So one of the baby boards I check just informed me I have 100 days until my due date. Fortunately, we've gotten a bit more organized lately and this number wasn't totally panic-inducing.

We found a used (but nearly new) stroller locally. It's the Uppa Baby Cruz in yellow and it's very swishy but not too overwhelmingly enormous. I went into Wee Babe, a brand new baby gear store in the neighborhood, and checked it out in person since we won't actually get it for a month or so. Very fancy!

I love that I can have the baby face me and tilt back into more of a bassinet position when he's an infant (it comes with an insert so it's usable from birth), and then turn them around to face forward down the line. It's obviously high tech but doesn't look too much like a space ship for my liking. Wee Babe also had these very cool stroller pads from Tivoli that look very comfy and have some nice modern patterns that would go well with yellow.

We've also solved the crib, pack and play, portable high chair, Baby Bjorn, and infant car seat dilemmas as well, thanks to friends and colleagues' hand me downs. So...progress!!!

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