Friday, May 25, 2012

29 Weeks

29 weeks, 1 day

29 Weeks! The latest?

I have gained 10 pounds. I am mostly fine with this, and fine with my body changing, until I see an unflattering photo, and then I am enormously crabby. A friend and I always joke that we suffer from positive body dysmorphia, meaning that 99% of the time we think we look utterly gorgeous, and then are puzzled and set adrift when the zipper does not zip or the reflection in a window suggests anything otherwise.

Word to the wise. Do not send a pregnant lady a photo of herself (or tag her in said photo on Facebook) unless you are absolutely, 150% sure that you have never seen her look better.

We have taken to calling the hospital where I will have the baby "the Victorian insane asylum." I realize this is not very yogi-like and I have probably just had my membership in the sacred circle of earthy Brooklyn mamas revoked. But so be it. Gallows humor seems to be getting us through the day. Namaste.

I read a story of an amazing, awe-inspiring, well lit natural childbirth in a bathtub, and felt a bit like I was trying to decipher ancient hieroglyphics. I am certain that this is possible. I am just vaguely aware that this may not be my experience. And that that's okay too.

11 weeks to go, and the baby seems to be rearing to go. You sometimes hear people liken a baby moving to various forms of marshal arts. To me, it feels like he is rattling his cage, starting to get ready for the world.

So that's our's been muggy and damp and rainy all week in New York, but it's better than oppressive heat, I suppose. I can't believe that next week will mark 30 weeks and that this mole-like new creature is almost here with us. I've been reading Anne Enright's Making Babies, which is hilarious and spot on in so many ways. And I skipped over 28 weeks, because, well, I just felt like it.

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