Monday, May 7, 2012


The Meows

A very serious family portrait (featuring the usually elusive Dustskulker in the foreground.)

Bellwether, via

We had a lovely, busy weekend. Indian food on Friday night, out of town guests on Saturday, a Cinqo de Mayo party, lunch at La Esquina, dinner at Bellwether. Walks, full moons, flea markets, cheese platters, and poking into Mini Jake to check out all the very mod baby things.

Sunday was one of the prettiest spring days of the year so far and Williamsburg was packed with people enjoying the blue skies. The line for the East River ferry was insane! The cats sat on our (tiny) balcony and looked at bugs and birds while their whiskers and ears twitched away. I can't wait for them (and us) to have some proper outdoor space to bask in the sun.

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