Monday, May 21, 2012

Rainy Monday

Williamsburg, 2012

It's monsoon season in Brooklyn.

Nope, I haven't fallen down the rabbit hole, but I haven't had all that much to say lately. Perhaps my creative energies have been in quasi-hibernation. It's not exactly a sensation of 'I'm tired.' It's more like 'I can't really be arsed to engage in anything that doesn't directly involve me, Will, or bambino.' I guess you could describe it as a turning inwards? Sometimes, when people are speaking, I find myself kind of spacing out.

I am 28 weeks and 4 days along (no bump photo as yet, must heckle Will tomorrow a.m.) and while I have been feeling mostly fine, mentally I am just...elsewhere.

That whole Time attachment parenting cover brouhahah? I'd normally get all riled up about it one way or another, but my reaction was basically one big shrug. Who knows why parents do what they do and surely they are just doing their best, you know? Making it political just seems like misdirected energy.

That said, I've been keeping myself amused, more or less. I was filling boxes yesterday and came across some of Will's childhood projects including an autobiography he wrote when he was six. It includes extensive extracts on infant development from the old Encyclopedia Britannica, and that had me in hysterics. Instead of talking about his own childhood, Will was (even then) wearing his science hat and investigating biological processes. So funny.

I also got a kick out of a little art exhibit at our local coffee shop by the preschoolers in the neighborhood. I especially like the scary sewn critters and the jelly fish mural.

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