Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Yoga Delinquency

Marrakech, 2008

I have been loving my pre-natal yoga classes at Kula and am really glad I'm doing it, but I have to say, I am pretty horrible at the meditative, mind-clearing aspects of it all. Especially lately.

Between poses I am itching to check my phone, and when I am supposed to be zen-ing out, my brain is ping-ponging all over the place. I'm either obsessing over various aspects of my life that are up in the air, or I'm mentally redecorating our soon-to-be new home, or I'm jumping between worries on fast forward.

I'm glad I'm staying limber and so on, but I am really struggling with letting things be. Rationally I know that "all will be revealed" on many fronts. And so I am not really as much of a nervous wreck as I sound. But in yoga in particular I can't seem to keep my thoughts still.

It's impossible to flunk yoga, right?

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