Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Catch Up

Williamsburg, 2013

We are kicking off the new season with a very boring and virtuous 3-day juice cleanse. I know the merits of all-juice diets are dubious, but every once in a while it's a good way for me to mentally press reset and remind myself that bagels and wine shouldn't be staples. The only challenge with being on a juice fast is that it's all you can talk about. I will try not to dwell on my rumbling tummy and play catch up on everything else that's been going on around here.

- I read this article in New York on the "Retro (Hipster) Wife." While most of the ensuing furor went to the tune of 'one privileged woman does not a trend make,' a few of the references resonated with me. Like the fact that there are all these blogs out there that glamorize staying at home (intentionally or not), and simultaneously make both stay at home and working mothers feel bad for not crafting Pinterest-worthy pinatas for their baby's half-birthday celebrations. Heck, I love some dreamy lifestyle inspiration as much as the next girl, but it does make me wonder occasionally. Like baked goods for St. Patrick's Day? Is that even a thing? Clearly that is not happening chez Williamsburg Baby.

- Somehow, I seem to have emerged from the fog of Axel's months 4-6 with my sanity (mostly) intact. But it's also made me realize how very run down I was over this winter, and how I have just begun to relearn how to be a functional adult (plus baby.) Even with an 'easy baby', there's a sense that you're in survival mode. Now that Axel sleeps through the night and is more predictable, I'm still playing catch up and clawing my way back to being able to buy milk + brush hair + make a phone call. It's taken a while...and I no longer have the 'I just had a baby' excuse.

- I'm getting a kick out of this Slate column, How Babies Work. Love the weird science behind babies.

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