Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What Else?

Williamsburg, 2013

Since it's spring, we're in the midst of some projects around the flat. Like this built in bookcase in our bedroom (the top image is an "after," the bottom is "before.") I like lying in bed and seeing photos and books and having a place to stach magazines and the like. I don't do minimalism all that well.

Our apartment is lovely, but it still feels a little temporary due to the timing of our move, the fogginess of the newborn months, and our general state of "house poor"-ness.

It feels good to be back at work and to start pressing go on some plans to make it feel more like a home. On the wish list? We are getting our closets done on Monday, thank goodness (will be great to bid adieu to the piles of clothes populating our bedroom), and then I am turning my attention to our outdoor spaces. It's still brisk in New York but I can feel the weather turning and can't wait to hang out on our terraces.

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