Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Check Up

Axel, 2013

This is Axel mid-cackle (not grimace) at his pediatrician's office this afternoon. His stitches are doing fine, though they look rather menacing, and he is in high spirits today.

We have one more follow up with his surgeon in about a week and then I am really hoping that we can close this chapter in his medical history (onto his 9 month well baby visit and more routine first year concerns.)

It's gorgeous weather out and though I'm still absorbing the craziness of the last several days (and weeks and months, I suppose), I feel somehow unburdened. It's tough seeing your baby with a major scar, but less so when he is so joyful in spite of it all.

I also feel like I can think ahead again. Easter parties, summer plans, and the rest of it.

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