Sunday, March 3, 2013


Axel, 2013

Will heads off to California for work tomorrow so today I am doing my best to play catch up on all the things that are going to be a little more difficult to accomplish solo.

Axel is on the move these days. He is able to cover a lot of ground by rolling across the living room floor and I think full on crawling is only a few weeks away. He props himself up on his arms with ease and winds his legs up as if he gets the concept, but just can't quite get any traction.

Either way, gone are the days when I could leave him on his blanket and unload the dishwasher or go into the other room to fold laundry for a few minutes. Now, I turn my back for 45 seconds, and he's moved five feet and is trying to gnaw on a chair leg, eat the carpet fringe, or ingest the tasteful cork tiles I bought for him to play on (goodbye tasteful cork tiles.)

I know this is only the very beginning of real mobility, but it's definitely making day-to-day household tasks a bit trickier. We lowered the crib by a few settings since it seems like it's only a matter of time before he pulls up on his own.

I can contain him in his high chair or Baby Bjorn balance seat for a while, but he eventually starts to arch his back in protest (as if he thinks he can slingshot his way out of either contraption.)

It's amazing to see the huge developmental strides that happened between about five and a half months and now...he seems so determined and aware and busy now. His memory is also a lot better. When I try to approach him with the nose sucker or saline spray he is definitely on to me, and when he sees me preparing a bottle across the room, he starts to squeak frantically in anticipation.

So how soon before he starts trying to eat the cat food?

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