Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Fellow

This is the mood Axel was in when he woke up this morning (after having his skull tampered with.) Gotta love this kid's attitude.

I've heard people describe babies as the perfect Zen masters...so in the moment, for one, and so delighted by the small stuff. I think the analogy works pretty darn well for me.

Note all the adhesive on his chest....poor guy! Hospitals are clearly pretty depressing places, but to Axel it was a jungle of cords, lights, new faces, and shiny objects. We may as well have taken the little guy to Disney World, such was his enthusiasm today.

In any case, he slept on the car ride home and has been in good spirits ever since. I will spare the squeamish among you a shot of his rather impressive scar (for now), but all things considered it's wonderful to see how himself he really is at the moment.

When Will and I debated the pros and cons of doing this surgery before Axel turned one or two, one of the points the doctor made was that his recovery would be faster now, he wouldn't be scared by the experience, and he'd be laughing and playing the very next day. He was right! Dr. Greenfield is clearly no slouch.

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