Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ahhhh, Paris

via Hip Paris

Today was one of my first iced coffees of the season, which has me thinking of summer, which has me thinking of Paris.

This is the view from the little apartment we're renting on the Place des Vosges this July, and I can't wait. I found it on Hip Paris, and it's teeny but perfect. We'll be there for a few days after attending our friends' christening and belated wedding party in the south of France.

Although we've had a good bit of extended family time this year, we haven't taken any big holidays as a family of three. I'm imagining Axel enjoying the swings in the little park, chomping on baguettes, and toddling around with all the oh-so-well-behaved French kiddies.

It will also be Will's birthday and our second wedding anniversary, and since we spent part of our honeymoon in Paris, it seems appropriate. We had a blast, as you can see.

Paris, 2011

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