Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Axel, 2013

Yesterday was a long day. Over the weekend we emptied out all of our closets in preparation for the closet guys to install them yesterday.

Turning your apartment upside down is not something you want to do with an insatiably curious nearly-eight-month-old baby in the mix. I was cursing myself for hoarding nearly every hardcover book I've ever been given. Lots of boxes and general chaos with a crawling baby underfoot.

We are slowly getting back to normalcy, but I am beginning to understand what people meant when they said the newborn phase was "the easy part." I think every phase of babyhood comes with its own challenges. Obviously, in the first four months the sleep deprivation is enough to make nearly anyone slightly gaga. But he was much more portable back then, whether it was for dinner out or as I went from room to room in our flat.

Now, as excited as I am to see Axel hitting all his milestones and exploring the world a bit more, it  means I can't really "deposit" him somewhere and go about my business. He is all smiles as he makes a beeline for the corner of the coffee table, or finds something the size of a speck to pick up and eat (er, was that cat litter?) I definitely relish sleeping for more than 3 hours at a time, but this makes for a whole new set of things to consider.

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