Friday, April 19, 2013

Getting Out of Dodge

Maine, 2013

My thoughts on this week are pretty much summed up here and here. Hence the lack of posts.

I remain convinced that this is a blog about our family life with Axel, and not the place for politics or rants on the state of the world. And yet when there is so much going on, it can seem self-obsessed to post about baby milestones and everyday moments of silliness. Then again, that's what this space was intended for.

In any case, this week weighed on me, and all of us, and I'm still a little frayed and jumpy (and very sad for the victims, needless to say.) Though it was nothing compared to Boston, New York was also on high alert for several days, and as my office is near Times Square, it was constant sirens and police and compulsive news watching and nerves everywhere.

This weekend we are spending some time in Maine, and glad for the break. Silliness to ensue.

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