Monday, March 10, 2014

Oscar: One Week Old

Oscar, 2014

One week in! Oscar's hair is still a lovely shade of chestnut, but seems to be growing in blonde. I am not sure if it's a fluke yet, but the last three nights he's been a really good sleeper...I even got one four hour stretch last night, and woke up before he did. He's also been very game about being schlepped to Axel's playdates and playground outings, where we feel like the double stroller looks like a tank.

I can't believe we have two little boys!

Axel has been very sweet so far and says "Why you crying?" to Oscar when he gets cranky or tries to hand us diapers when he needs changing.

Getting out the door takes some coordination, but we're figuring it out day by day. And here's a peek back at Axel at one week old.

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