Thursday, March 6, 2014

Nineteen Months

Axel, 2014

It's been a big week for Axel!

Will brought him to the hospital to meet Oscar on Monday, with mixed results. He said "Baby!" but was very nonplussed to see me, which was a little surprising. Will tried to pass Axel to me for a hug and Axel wanted nothing to do with me. I think perhaps it was because when I left him on Sunday, in labor, he could tell something was up; or maybe it was the disruption to his routine. Who knows?!

Either way, he's onto us; he looked pretty worried in the hospital until we distracted him with a bottle and he started pushing all of the buttons on my hospital bed.

Since we came home, he's seemed to adjust pretty well. We've mostly had Oscar in our room, and so he hasn't had to contend with him too much. He tries to say Oscar though, which is pretty cute.

In the last few weeks, Axel's language has just exploded again...for 'I love you', he says 'I loo'; another frequent expression is 'No no not nice!'

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