Monday, March 24, 2014

Oscar: Three Weeks Old

Oscar, 2014

Little Oscar! Keeping us on our toes...I remember Axel at three weeks old being a tough customer, actually. Mainly it's the evenings and nights that are a challenge. He'll eat then screech, eat then screech, eat then screech. Lots of swaddling and rocking and shushing going on here.

Today I gave him some gripe water for his tummy, since digestive angst seems to be at the root of most of his fussiness, followed by a warm bath and coconut oil massage. That seemed to mellow him out, but we'll see. Once all the hysteria tires him out, he'll sleep for up to four hours at a time, which isn't bad for such a brand new human.

He has such a hopeful little face when he's awake and looking around. And Axel seems to feel more relaxed about his little brother now since he's gotten such a lot of attention from us. He'll bring me Oscar's pacifier or his head support pillow which is very cute.

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