Monday, March 31, 2014

Eckford Street Studio

Williamsburg, 2014

Over the weekend we went to a very cool open house at the Eckford Street Studio, an art space for kids that's near McCarren Park in Greenpoint.

We haven't done many art projects with Axel, mainly because I had no idea where to start and I am kind of terrified of letting him loose in our apartments with, say, finger paint. But it was really fun to see what he got up to when he was allowed free reign with some sponge brushes and pain. He loved it!

And I love that the classes at Eckford Street aren't too forced. After we signed up for French playgroup last fall (a mild disaster), I was sort of put off too many organized activities for a while. Axel at 14 months old was definitely not ready for "circle time," and I felt pretty exhausted by spending 45 minutes trying to corral him into something he just wasn't up to.

Fortunately, the art classes here are really free flowing and we're loving it so far. Kristin, the teacher, really gets what a 19 month old is and is not capable of, which is a big help. So nice to have a place where he can make a mess and I don't have to say "No!"

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