Monday, March 17, 2014

Oscar: Two Weeks Old

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A two week-old (and one day!) Oscar is sleeping away next to me as a type...

Other than some bouts of serious gas that lead to bouts of major fussiness (sorry to overshare, Oscar), he's been a pretty easy customer. I am sure it helps that every grunt and gasp doesn't make us panic.

It can definitely feel like desperate times when both babies are crying, but when they are both content or sleeping, we feel like we are rocking this parenting thing. I don't want to jinx us by saying that things are easier than I imagined them to be, so I'll hold that thought for the moment. But Will headed back to work today and it didn't feel entirely overwhelming. The only hitch is that Axel has gotten used to having his papa around at home for two weeks and was not pleased when he left this morning. But compared to a very energetic toddler, looking after a portable, still very sleepy newborn is an entirely different thing.

Here's a peek back at Axel at two weeks old.

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