Friday, June 27, 2014

School's Out

Williamsburg, 2014

Okay, nobody is in school here, but still. Today feels like a school's out kind of day.

Trying to get us semi-organized and packed for the seven hour journey to Maine tomorrow, where we'll trade iced coffee on tap for dark & stormys on tap and 'Art is Trash' installations for sailboats, rocky beaches, and sea breezes.

Axel has been to Maine several times now, but this will be the first year that I think it will all register with him. He's been reading Soundings magazine with his papa and looking at pictures of his many, many cousins in preparation.

I am not joking...including our two there will be ten children under the age of ten together there for most of the summer (and that's just the first cousins.) If you count second cousins and beyond, there will be...16?! Plus 6 aunts and uncles, lots of adult cousins, grandparents, friends and more.

We're going to be celebrating our tenth anniversary together next month (our third wedding anniversary too), and a host of birthdays...Will's 34th, Axel's second, and my 36th. Shhhhh!

But even as I feel a little itch of homesickness-in-advance, I love the idea of countering the madness of the city with something totally different, and Maine is exactly that. Although it is wild and woolly in some respects, I will have WiFi, so there will plenty of photos and reports to come.

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