Monday, June 9, 2014

The Mondays

Williamsburg, 2014

Little rapscallion Axel is non-stop. I mean, I know all toddlers are non-stop, to a certain extent. But he's non-stop compared to the other toddlers I see. Constant motion and mischief. With the sun going down later and later, he's also resisting bedtime in a major way. And Oscar...he is not one who likes to be left alone to gaze contentedly at a mobile. If he's up, I'm pounding the pavement.

I knew parenting would be full on, but I guess I didn't know how insanely physical it would be. Between the two of them my back is constantly out of whack and I'm walking loops around the neighborhood. When we add something for us to the mix, like a grown up evening out at a wedding at which I stay up past midnight (gasp!), it kind of tips everything over the edge.

Sigh. I mean, I am not going to cower meekly at home, but you can see why that might be the sensible option.

This week, it's early to bed, lots of water, and very few ambitions all around.

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