Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Tropics

by Jami Saunders Photography

Here we are, the four of us!

This morning we got a little peek at some of the pictures our friend Jami Saunders took of us on holiday last month. Now I hate sitting for pictures (it's so hard not to be self critical.) But still, I love having them after the fact, especially of me and the boys since I am so often the one taking pictures from day to day.

Anyway, it was no small feat capturing us in action, between the sun, sand, surf, and general chaos we tend to bring everywhere we go. But don't we look relaxed? It makes the madness of travel look kind of easy, no?

And I love looking back at the shoots she did of us with Axel at eight days old and on his first birthday. We keep multiplying, it seems.

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