Friday, January 23, 2015

Happy Weekend

New York, 2015

Wow. I just went to the most Brooklyn-ish school bake sale of all time!

I mean, there were cookbook authors and vegan sprouted something-or-other cookies displayed on craft paper with artfully hand lettered well as lots of snippets of conversation about the parents' studio spaces and 4-dimensional immersive art projects.

Were I not in the relatively normal looking school gym (hearing mothers call their kids' by names like Petra, Magnolia, and Willa, of course) I would have thought I had stumbled into a very chichi bakery or a scene from Portlandia.

Which is not to say I didn't relish the whole experience.

Anyway, for the weekend, I leave you with this very funny piece on Davos; this article on the power of boredom; and this meditation on raclette (our German neighbor has invited us over for some tomorrow night, in the middle of what might be a big snow storm.)

A bonus to apartment living: we won't have to don shoes or leave the building to experience this culinary trip.

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