Friday, January 2, 2015

Oscar: Ten Months Old

Oscar, 2014

Happy New Year!

We are home from Maine and more or less back into our routines (the great Christmas Nap Strike of 2014 appears to have come to an end.)

And here is Oscar, at ten months old. He's such a delight. A sturdy, funny guy who likes to squeal things that sound like 'Uh Oh' and 'Oh Yeah' and to grab cookies out of his brother's hand whenever possible. His eyes are still very very blue and his hair still stands on end (it's been combed down slightly in these pictures.)

His interests include balls, Sealface the cat, and pretty much anything edible. When he gets tired he likes to come for drive by cuddles on my chest and suck his thumb for a few seconds before army crawling off into the distance. Hard to believe that 2015 will be the year he turns one and becomes a toddler.

Here's a peek back at his brother at ten months old.

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