Wednesday, October 9, 2013


City Select Double Stroller

One of the advantages to having another little boy on the way is that there's very little that we need. My list has been pretty short. Double stroller...and that's pretty much it, though our stockpile of boys' clothing may thin out a bit as another close family member is expecting a few weeks after we are. Still, I feel like we have more than enough this go round.

Anyway, I bought the double stroller early, as we have started doing a part time nanny share, with one of Axel's little friends joining him two mornings a week. It's the City Select Double in black, purchased from Wee Babe, and it's pretty snazzy.

Our poor Uppa Baby Cruz was great, and I loved its sunny color and the way it looked, but by now it's been through the wars. I was chatting to the lady in the store about how we probably walk a minimum of around 3 miles a day with it, which means that it's seen, oh, at least 1000 miles. So far, we've replaced the tires three times.

I don't think it's any defect in the product, but I do think Brooklyn living is pretty hard on these things. We're constantly maneuvering over cobbles, uneven sidewalks, potholes, you name it, and we're often out nearly all day, every day, whatever the weather. Here's hoping that this new ride is a little more robust.

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