Friday, October 4, 2013

Go West

California, 2013

After a long travel day yesterday, we made it to San Francisco and then down to Palo Alto, where Will has some work meetings. He comes out here maybe 4 times a year, but I haven't joined him in years...I think the last time we were in California together was for this trip.

Predictably, the weather is gorgeous, and people are smugly riding around on fancy bikes or jogging everywhere in $200 sneakers. Axel and I explored Stanford's campus this morning while Will was at work. It was pretty idyllic. Got Axel a little Stanford tee while we were there (er, no pressure) and then hit the playground.

I've been hunting for good coffee places, but it's hard not to be one of those annoying New Yorkers who compares everything to Brooklyn. Everywhere I go, I always tend to see it through the lens of 'Could I live here?' Aside from some terrible punny restaurant names like 'Pizza My Heart', 'Curry Up;, and 'Thaiphoon,' Palo Alto is a pretty, walkable little city. Alas, even the seemingly modest little houses are not so modest, as it turns out. Nevermind!

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