Monday, October 14, 2013


Axel, 2013

Home again after a jaunt to the Eastern Shore to catch up with several of Will's friends from high school and their families.

It was lovely to get together, though I was pretty beat after two days of chasing Axel around in new territory...home is relatively Axel-proofed, but when we are in other environments, he's at an age where he's just very busy and into pretty much everything. Which means lots of walking around behind him, redirecting, picking him up and trying to keep his attention away from breakables.

Thankfully all of our friends were pretty much in the same boat, wrangling their little ones. We've all gotten together over the year at our respective weddings, and it was amazing to see the group begin to multiply before our eyes.

We did have a babysitter one evening and so were able to head out to dinner at Ava's in the very sweet little town of St. Michael's, Maryland. And last night we drove home...kind of nice to be on our own turf and without any big weekend plans for quite some time.

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