Sunday, October 27, 2013


Axel, 2013

Saturday was a bit of a confounding day, just in that naps were missed and we planned too much. We also didn't quite accomplish the one thing we had set out to do, which was go to the Greenpoint Halloween parade. By the time we got back from an outing to New Jersey, we didn't have the time to get it together.

We did get Axel dressed up in his owl costume and walk around the neighborhood, which wasn't quite a parade but was...something! So far, my trick for Halloween costumes has been to pair a set of animal pjs from Serena and Lily with a hat on Etsy. We did the same last year for his giraffe costume, and it meant I didn't feel we were wasting resources on something he'd wear just once. I figure those days will inevitably come when he wants to be Thor or Batman or whatever it is for Halloween, so why not do something simple for now? In the end, the owl costume was a little cold, so we had to break out the new winter coat. Hoping to take him out in costume on Halloween itself, but we'll see.

Today we spent several hours on the playground and met up with a friend whose son is a bit older than Axel and taking classes with Super Soccer Stars. Axel's a little young for such a structured class, but they do offer something for toddlers called Kick & Play that we might look into for the spring.

Fall is definitely upon us here, so I'm trying to take advantage of as much outdoor time as we possibly can.

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