Friday, October 18, 2013


New York, 2013

Had our second anatomy scan this morning and all is well with baby boy number two, who is weighing in at 13 oz. and a few days ahead of schedule (well, I've had two due dates for much of my pregnancy, so I don't really know what to make of them except that he is measuring ahead, so that's good...)

Afterwards, we walked down to Madison Square Park, and I picked up delicious things for dinner at Eataly and then wandered through the greenmarket in Union Square.

We have very few plans for the weekend, which I'm thrilled about.

And what else?

Well, I got a little teary over this birth story this morning (a second baby boy as well.)

I've been following this blogger, whose daughter recently had brain surgery and is doing well. Not the same procedure Axel had, but it's still crazy to me what we went through last spring. Science, how amazing you are!

I laughed when I read this article, about raising kids in New York.

And I'm getting excited about Axel's Halloween costume, care of Etsy, naturally. How cute was he last year as a giraffe?

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