Friday, May 9, 2014


Williamsburg, 2014

So, we got Axel's nursery school schedule for the fall yesterday, and it made me just over the top, irrationally excited. I immediately printed it out and laughed thinking about the parent teacher conferences to come when I'd hear all about Axel's scissor skills and sharing shortcomings.

I mean, I love the baby phase because babies are so weirdly wonderful, but school...that has me so thrilled. I love everything about it...filling out the forms! anticipating things like the toddler Halloween parade! Glue-y, macaroni-y art projects galore!

I am so odd, I realize. I know he'll only be two and much of "school" is a long, long way away, but I love all of it nonetheless. Cubbies? I mean, come on. School supplies? Is there anything more optimistic than sharp pencils and empty notebooks? Poor kid, I am going to have to really restrain myself to keep from enrolling myself.

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