Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ocker's Hat

St. John, 2014

We saw the first glimmers of sibling rivalry over our recent holiday. I bought Oscar a sunhat to match Axel's and Axel immediately started furrowing his brow and referring to his own hat as "Ocker's hat"...

I tried to explain that although they looked the same, this was Axel's hat, but Axel wanted nothing to do with it once he'd decided it was his brother's

It's funny because I was recently talking to a father whose older children were also spaced 19 months apart, and he was saying that friends often made the mistake of buying the two boys toys in different colors, like say, a green ball and a blue ball (because both kids would then fixate on the blue ball, for no apparent reason, and it would spark fights.) Axel is also obsessed with his green umbrella stroller, and was none too pleased when I put Oscar in it on the beach.

I have a feeling there will be lots of this to come.

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