Thursday, May 15, 2014

Paper Chase: Part One

Williamsburg, 2014

The other day we showed some friends our most recent photo albums, and a few of them were interested in finding out where we had them made. The answer is Pinhole Press, and I could rave about them for as long as you'd listen (and I am not on the payroll.) They use lovely linen for the bindings, and heavy matte paper, which I love.

So far I've made it something of a tradition. I made a book for our wedding and honeymoon, two for Axel's first year, and one for our trip to Eleuthera. I take so many photos (and love the ones that Jami Saunders has taken of the family) but it's always nice to edit them down to the very best few and make them into something tangible. We also had our birth announcements for both boys made by Pinhole, and they make a great magnet.

My only gripe is that it's a painstaking process, since their photo system does not synch with Picasa. But the results are worthwhile, if you ask me, and I love the idea of making one for each boy every year, as well as one for every special trip.

Now my mission (it might take some time) is to go back and do the same for our life pre-baby, to prove to our children someday that such a thing existed.

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