Friday, November 30, 2012

Holiday Mayhem

Williamsburg, 2012

Somehow, it just dawned on me that tomorrow is December and we leave for the holidays in England and Scotland in just 12 days. This is sort of blowing my tiny mind.

We are throwing a Christmas party next weekend and have a zillion things to take care of before we go. Shopping, organizing, card mailing, mentally preparing for our first overseas trip with the baby and making sure things at home are ship shape for our three week long absence. It's mayhem!

I am a holiday obsessive (in case you hadn't noticed), so I find all of this rather nerdily thrilling.

But it does feel like it kind of jumped up out of nowhere as well. I am home today and peddling through my Christmas to do list, which includes purchasing gifts for Axel's 7 first cousins, 6 aunts and uncles, grandparents etc. And tomorrow we get our tree, which is going to be a blast.

Pictures to come, obviously.

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