Saturday, November 3, 2012


Williamsburg, 2012

It's been a surreal week in New York...yesterday I received an email from my yoga studio describing our neighborhood as the Williamsbubble, and that certainly feels apt. "The spookily halcyon era of post-hurricane Williamsburg continues - with packed coffee shops, bars, and yoga studios," it read, before suggesting ways people could volunteer or donate to the relief efforts in areas not so lucky.

On this side of the river, things have indeed felt quite normal, but I am nervous about next week when there is the expectation that everyone will return to work but Manhattan's infrastructure isn't yet up to the task. We will muddle through, I am sure.

Meanwhile, I am feeling quite sad that the marathon has been canceled. I understand the logic, that diverting resources from the cleanup effort is a bad idea, but I was initially with Bloomberg in thinking that going forward with it would boost the city's morale and be good for its economy.

Though I am not a marathoner, this time of year is always a special one for me, since it's around this time 9 years ago that I moved to Brooklyn. I have such fond memories of seeing my first race that year and watching the runners on Bedford Avenue is always an amazingly uplifting experience.

In any case, I will be relishing the weekend in anticipation of a few hard weeks ahead.

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