Friday, November 23, 2012

The Feast

Maine, 2012

Thanksgiving Day was lots of fun. Nautical stripes, ornamental gourds, cheese-laden potatoes, a roaring fire and plenty of wine. Oh, and lots of kiddos. Dinner was probably less serene and stylish than in years past, but it's a happy sort of mayhem when the kitchen is in chaos and there are lots of little people traipsing about and making their chirping noises.

After a Tuesday trip to the doctor's for a 101.1 temperature (and a lot of very sad screaming), it's been a tiring few days for our schnuffly little boy, but he seems mostly in good spirits thanks to infants' Tylenol, steamy showers, and a scary looking nose machine. I think he is feeling all powerful after a few sessions sitting in a high chair and holding his bottle on his own. We like him very much.

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