Sunday, October 14, 2012


New York, 2012

We are coming down from a sugar high of a weekend. On Sunday, we headed to Bubby's in Dumbo for brunch and a walk along the waterfront.

Bubby's at brunch used to terrify me, since it's generally packed with banshee-like toddlers and actually has stroller parking. Now, of course, we are "those people." Having fragmented conversations while attending to our screaming children (though I shouldn't slander Axel, he never made a peep.)

Today, we also attended a birthday party for our friends' three year old. There were tears and crumbs and butterfly wings aplenty. The moral of the story? Where I used to see mess and chaos and stickiness and things being done in the wrong order, now I see cute kids having a blast and can't wait to celebrate our own milestones in a similarly chaotic manner. I have become a total sap in my old age...

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