Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Foggy Days

Axel, 2012

I've been enjoying the transition to fall and feeling like we're emerging from the "survival weeks" to settle into a new kind of tempo.

In the first few days we had Axel at home after the trip to Maine I was a little scared I might never eat a warm meal or complete an email again, but much of that was that I needed to learn when to tackle things (and Axel needed to fall into a more predictable napping schedule.)

Now life is a little more predictable and I am not quite so alarmed by hearing a fussy baby for a few minutes, so we've been trying to forge ahead with healthier meals and projects around the house. I definitely felt kind of scruffy and on the edge in the first month of having a newborn, but somehow it's all come to seem more organic.

Unfortunately that means I can't use being a hysterical, frazzled new baby mama as an excuse for eating ice cream daily and not returning people's phone calls.

I'm in the process of mailing out baby announcements, which is fun. Sure, in these days of social media there are probably very few of our loved ones who are unaware that we have reproduced, but I still like the tradition and the notion of something pretty in the mail. We ordered ours from Pinhole Press and are thrilled with the results.

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