Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Saddle

Axel, 2012

I am back in the thick of midtown today. It's a little weird. I mean, we work in a world with "bring your dog to work" days...would it really disturb my cubicle mates so very much to have Axel hanging out next to us in his bassinet? I keep finding myself wishing we lived in Scandinavia and I could nip over to the state-subsidized creche for Swedish meatballs and playtime at lunch.

I am feeling relatively fine though...no sobbing in the subway (yet.) Part of it is that I know he's in good hands, and part of it is that it's a short work assignment. I am also a little excited to schedule plenty of lunch dates during my month back and to catch up with old work colleagues.

But it's still pretty surreal to think that I created this tiny brand new human and am now back to the grind almost as if nothing happened. Everything is the same and nothing is remotely the same.

Axel, meanwhile, seems very pleased to have discovered his thumb.

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