Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Williamsburg, 2012

Sandy seems to have passed through New York and things are a little quieter this morning. Unlike many of our friends in Manhattan, we never lost electricity, which meant we spent the day watching movies and the local news, cooking, and enjoying the unexpected but blustery day at home.

At around noon yesterday, things got a little hairier. From seven p.m. 'til midnight, our building was making incredibly loud groaning and creaking noises, which made it impossible to sleep. We did see what must have been electricity transformer explosions lighting up the sky in the distance at around nine.

Fortunately, things died down overnight and Williamsburg seems at least relatively unscathed. It's quiet out there, but I don't see any flooding on our street. What isn't clear is how quickly the city will be back to normal. I am off work again today, but have no idea when the L train will be up and running again and when it will be possible to navigate around the city.

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