Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Loose Ends

Axel, 2012

Often the idea of gathering my thoughts into a post on one particular subject is kind of daunting. But it's my blog and who says I have to be coherent!

- I'm clearly not the only one thinking about sleep training these days. I like Joanna's post on the matter (though six months? I am not sure we are going to make it to six months.) Officially, we're waiting until Axel's two month check up on October 8th to start, but unofficially we've been working towards a sleep routine for about 3 or 4 weeks now. Around the time we got home from Maine and Will went back to work we started putting Axel to bed (albeit in his bassinet, or stroller, wherever we were) at around 7:00 at night. His bedtime has stuck ever since. Around a week ago I started instituting more of a bath and pre-bed ritual as well. He loves bath time, it's so cute. His eyes get big and he looks around like "Whoa, this water stuff is excellent." Clearly, he takes after his mama. We're still not sleeping through the night but these baby steps (bedtime, him sleeping in his own room, bath time) have helped emotionally prepare us for the big change. Still, if we want to go out with him at night, we go out. We do the same ritual and put him in the stroller and it seems to work just fine.

- Did you know baby socks make excellent gloves?

- We are gearing up for our first plane ride (to Seattle, for a wedding) in a few weeks time. I'm excited. Although we've traveled with the baby before, this seems like our first big trip. We're staying at the Ace Hotel in Belltown and then driving across the state to Spokane for three nights. I love the West Coast so I am excited to explore crunchy Washington State and taste some tasty pinot noirs in the process.

- I also go back to work for a short term, 6-week-long assignment in three weeks. To get ready to go back to the office, we found a nanny who has been coming over two afternoons a week until she starts full time. It's been a good way to ease myself into it, as I can work away on my laptop in the other room and hear how she interacts with Axel, which is very cute and reassuring. It feels like an extravagance to have someone look after him while I am at home, but I think I would be way too anxious if we went from zero to sixty on my work start date. This way, I know she knows how to handle his various moods and I've been able to use the time to run some errands and catch up with friends in the process. Still, it's impossible not to feel a little guilty about any childcare choice you make and to feel that you are the only one who can really care for your baby as you'd wish. If only we lived in Sweden and I got a year's maternity leave!


  1. Hey! I just found your blog, its great - I had my first baby, a son as well, on 7/29. We're also in Brooklyn (Prospect Heights). Its been a crazy couple of months! Nothing can prepare you for newborn-hood. Seems like you have it totally together - Im proud of myself if I get a shower and go outside in a single day :) Anyway, thanks for sharing! All the best to you and Axel.. Kate

    1. Congrats on your boy! I am not sure about being together but as for getting out the door, one tactic I've found to work is putting Axel in his stroller first thing in the morning, after he's been fed and is feeling pretty content. I shower while he does his thing and then by the time I am done and he is getting restless we are out the door, and the motion of the stroller seems to put him to sleep. That way, he gets his morning nap and I get out into the world.

  2. Thank you! Congratulations to you, your boy is adorable! Sounds like you have a pretty easy-going baby. Milo is a bit more.. err, passionate :) Last week we tried a mommy + me class at Bend and Bloom (a yoga studio in park slope) and literally got kicked out for his loud cries (he is a very loud screamer and apparently does not like mommy and me classes) Its very true, getting out first thing in the morning helps a lot, especially since it gets a big nap in which is key for the rest of the day. Not sure how much it helps the 4-7 fussy time that always seems to hit right before bedtime. I'm sure that by the time I have this figured out something new will come up. babies!
    Also, I read that you are having your 2 month check up soon (?) We just had that appointment today with all of the vaccines - I was hearing so many scary stories about babies that freak out for days and inconsolable crying, I stocked up on whiskey.. it wasn't so bad! He cried for a few minutes and then was over it. It was much harder for me.


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