Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Calm

Williamsburg, 2012

Manhattan is still without power below 39th Street, but Williamsburg feels almost like normal today, except of course that it's going to be an odd few days.

Yesterday, we walked around to see if anything looked out of sorts. The rest of the neighborhood was doing much the same, wandering down to the waterfront and looking at the city, astonished that so much of it could really be without electricity. There isn't all that much visible damage here. A few trees down, many of the restaurants closed because their chefs couldn't make the trek from wherever they live.

Mainly everyone is taking stock, catching up on the news. I am amazed to hear of the evacuation of NYU Langone, which is where Axel was born.

We lent our doorman our car last night, as he faced 3-plus hours of a commute home to the Bronx at midnight, and apparently taxis are charging people as much as $150 for a simple route. We also have a friend staying with us, since he lent his apartment to a colleague who walked over the bridge from the city in search of a hot shower and some power.

Last night we had a nice meal with both of them and heard a bit more about the chaos in Manhattan. No street lights, people walking up to midtown for provisions and to plug their various devices into outlets, wherever they could find them.

Will's company is still without power so they told everyone to work the rest of the week at home. I, however, work for a newspaper, which stops for no one (not even Sandy), so they are sending a car for me so that I can come in for a few hours this afternoon. I will report back soon!

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