Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Beach Babies

Eleuthera, 2014

Okay, first up, why did nobody tell me about rum cake until now? In Eleuthera, you go to the hardware store and order a cake a day in advance, and some local lady (who is a genius, p.s.) makes you what's basically the most moist poundcake you'e ever had, and it's dripping with rum. It is unreal.

Secondly, can we stay for a month? Every morning since the first day here, we say to Axel, "Want to go in the ocean?" and he replies, "Yeah, okay", and marches to the beach. He is so brave with the little waves.

We took a day trip to Harbour Island and had a beautiful lunch and then went swimming at The Dunmore, a very chic hotel that was once a private club. The golf carts (the only way to get around Harbour Island) were also a hit! Eleuthera itself is fantastically quiet and unspoiled.

Where is Brooklyn?

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