Saturday, April 19, 2014

Blissed Out: Part One

Eleuthera, 2014

We are safely home in Brooklyn and I've had some time to go through the one million photos I took (it was a very photogenic holiday.)

Although it went by all too quickly, it was such a special trip. Oscar was just a week old when we got a call from Will's cousins, inviting us to stay with them in a private villa they had been gifted for a week as a wedding present. We knew it would be challenging to travel with two under two especially with such a little one, but it only took about 24 hours to figure out that there was no way we could turn down the offer. I joked to Will that my reasoning was something along the lines of "What would Beyonce do?"

Clearly, Beyonce would say yes!

So we expedited Oscar's passport and high tailed it to Rock Sound, Eleuthera, a tiny airport accessed by a tiny plane that connected through Nassau. The house was on the south side of the island and had the most beautiful beach, accessed by a lovely little sand path with a canopy of sea grape trees and palm fronds.

Admittedly, the week before the trip I was in a bit of a tizzy buying diapers in multiple sizes and packing what felt like a mobile medical unit just in case we found we needed Infant's Tylenol or somesuch during the course of the week (we fortunately did not!) And it took a few days to settle into the rhythm of the holiday and figure out what we could and couldn't do.

Both boys did so incredibly well. We played in a clear little ocean pool every morning while Oscar chilled out under a thatched umbrella in his little car seat. A beach holiday really seemed to suit Axel, and he happily spent hours digging in the sand or looking at little pieces of coral or running in and out of the ocean.

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