Thursday, April 3, 2014


Williamsburg, 2014

Ha, I love this photo so much! I took Axel to a trial class at Miss J's Gymnastics this week (we've done the open play sessions there, and he loves it.) It's basically a converted garage full of amazing padded equipment, like a giant obstacle course for children. We had mixed results with the class, by which I mean epic highs and epic lows.

Since he's used to going there when there are no classes on, it was a real struggle when he saw other classes of older children using the big trampoline or the rings and was told he had to wait for his turn. He wanted to roam free and couldn't figure out why I had to curtail his adventures.

To be fair, I can see why it was confusing (and the older kids were doing stuff that looked much more interesting to him)...but it led to some major tantrum-y moments. We almost had to leave, but he kind of pulled it together towards the end of the class and started to understand that he had to stay with the little kids.

Anyway, it's funny when you make the effort to have quality mama-toddler time and it sort of backfires. It reminded me of this article...sometimes a structured activity can be overkill, even if it does lead to insane smiles like this one.

We'll definitely go back for open play, but I think this is one class that might have to wait until he's a bit more used to coloring within the lines.

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