Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Book Club Fail

Williamsburg, 2014

Somewhere back in my energetic second trimester, I got ambitious and started a book club. Well...I hosted exactly once, and soon had to relinquish the running of the group (as casual as it was) to more capable hands.

Except that all the other book club members have newish babies too, so we've now had to cancel three scheduled monthly meetups in a row due to sick babies, lack of sleep, and the general disarray in everyone's lives.

I was finally intending to go tonight, and even thinking of faking having read the book! Ha! I mean, what am I, 15?

Until I got an email from the host saying she was in over her head and had to uninvite everyone. And I was so relieved. One fewer obligation. But it was also a relief to hear that I am not the only one who sometimes feels like adding one more thing is just too much.

I post this little anecdote as a clarification...even though I do not post pictures of the piles of laundry or recount every tough moment (like me crying in the Nassau airport when I thought we'd miss our connecting flight), that doesn't mean they are not there.

I've just had a few friends with newborns or young children or those who will soon be parents say that we "make it look easy", and I'd hate for anyone in who is in a similar situation, with two under two, to be under the illusion that we have cracked the code. Or that our days are all filled with magical ribbon streamers and sunny days in the park instead of screen time or crushed goldfish crackers and banana on the floor.

I choose to be positive, and to share the little moments here that make me smile. I find bloggers who moan on about how they never get a chance to shower to be kind of tedious. Why not celebrate the everyday?

But I'd hate to edit out so much that I project an unrealistic view of our daily logistics and dramatics. Life is indeed good. It just requires a lot of caffeine (and deep breaths) to get through the day with that mentality intact.

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