Saturday, April 5, 2014

Twenty Months

Axel, 2014

Axel will be twenty months old tomorrow, which astounds me! He's acquiring so many new skills this month, from learning to blow bubbles under water at swimming, to calling me 'Sarah', to hanging on the bars at the playground, to scribbling with crayons and pens...what's more, he seems to remember more of our activities (or at least is able to express that he remembers something, like our boat trip to Dumbo.) And he is such a participant in whatever we do now, it makes outings all that much more amusing.

Although Axel still only has 8 visible teeth, this month he's been up crying quite a bit at night due to some new teeth that are bound to pop through soon. I'm not sure if they are more painful teeth than the ones he has already, but he's definitely been more emotional and quick to cry because of them. It could be that some of the outbursts have to do with adjusting to having a sibling or with bad dreams, but it's tough to say. Twenty month olds are turbulent creatures, whatever else is going on.

Even though Oscar is a demanding fellow, I've been able to have some good one on one time with Axel this month, experimenting with new classes like art and gymnastics and just spending time on the playground with him.

He's been such an easy, agreeable baby all along that it's definitely a shock when he shows his stubborn, toddler-ish side and refuses to get in the stroller or eat this or that. As with anything in life, some days are harder than others. But in spite of our general sleep deprivation, Axel makes us laugh many times over each day. It's so fun having little adventures with him.

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