Wednesday, April 4, 2012



My mother took aesthetics very seriously when I was a child (to the extent that Barbies or My Little Ponies I received at birthday parties seemed to go AWOL in favor of less garish toys.)

The faceless Amish dolls and denim bloomers might have been a little extreme, but I do love how she made holiday traditions special. One year at Christmas we wrapped everything in brown craft paper, hand decorated with real gold leaf paint. Another year, only silver and white packages were allowed under the tree. Stockings were hand knit Swedish socks or somesuch. Wreaths made of twigs and garlands made of cranberries ruled. Oranges were adorned with cloves.

This was all very serious business.

For Easter, we undertook the effort of blowing our eggs and dipping them in unusual colors to create an ombre effect. It took hours and was incredibly fiddly business.

Can't wait to subject little one to serious Easter madness.

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