Monday, April 9, 2012


Brooklyn Bridge, 2012
Red Hook, 2012
Cycling, 2012
Williamsburg, 2012
Williamsburg, 2012
Still reeling from a weekend full of things I love.

On Easter Sunday we biked from Williamsburg to Red Hook (me on my lovely new Gazelle cruiser) through Dumbo and the Brooklyn Bridge Park.

We wound up at Homemade in Red Hook for a late brunch before cycling back to the Brooklyn Winery for sundowners (aka, water.) The temperature was perfect and people were out in droves...


  1. I'm so jealous that your doc is letting you ride your bike. Mine told me no cycling at all.

    BTW, what kind of bike are you riding? My vintage city bike finally died and I only have my road bike now, so I am looking to replace my city bike with something comfortable that comes with a chain guard and nice basket/rack options. Plus, yours is super cute!

  2. Tina! So far, my doctor has said I can keep up with any sort of activity I did regularly before I was pregnant (but the many bike lanes around Brooklyn certainly make it less stressful, and I make Will carry the bike up from our building's basement.) My bike is a Gazelle Ductch cruiser in cream, which I bought second hand. I love it!!!

  3. Thanks! That explains why I like it so much - I've been admiring/considering the Gazelle for awhile now.

    There are no bike lanes at all in Dallas and cars like to go out of their way to swerve into you. It's a bloodbath out there.


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