Tuesday, April 10, 2012

11211 Love

Toby's Estate, Williamsburg, 2012

I should be using my second trimester energy to go on some kind of frenzied nesting spree, clearing out drawers and closets that will need to be tackled (um, why do we own multiple cat leashes?) before we move.

Instead, I've been skulking around local spots like Toby's Estate, consuming more grilled cheese (with cornichons!), people watching, and reading Triumph of the City, which is great, assuming you are a cityphile.

I also just finished Crawling: A Father's First Year, which I bought as a gift for Will at McNally Jackson, one of my favorite New York bookstores. It's Elisha Cooper's memoir of the first year of his daughter's life, and it's a funny, poignant, cool peer into the male psyche on what it feels like to become a dad. A lot of it is based in Berkeley, which seems to have a great deal in common with Williamsburg. I guess powering through books is as good a use of my time as any?

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