Monday, April 16, 2012


Prospect Park, 2012

We spent Sunday picnicking in Prospect Park with a group of friends. This is ground zero for New York babymaking.

I was joking to Will that Brooklyn is certainly hard at work repopulating itself. There were hundreds of children and hordes of pregnant women everywhere you looked. Just when I was thinking, hey, someone might let me cut the line for the bathroom at the Picnic House, I'd notice that there were 6 pregnant women ahead of me. Insanity. Bocce was played and the little people in our group ran around like banshees, happily playing in the dirt (who says urban life is without its outdoor pursuits.)

After packing up for the evening, we stumbled on a table at Al Di La in Park Slope, which I had been meaning to try for ages. Homemade pasta galore.

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